About Us

Who we are

A Total Approach SA is a subsidiary company to A Total Approach USA. Maude and Charl Le Roux started out in 2001

To build a center in the USA that would support the development of children in a holistic way. We firmly believe that every child should be given the opportunity to thrive and be the best they can be. Over the years, this center has expanded to include numerous different diagnostic categories, as well as adults, and the search for cutting edge therapies remains an ongoing process. As we were born and raised in South Africa, we realized that South Africa did not have the availability of these therapies. Maude did her first workshops in South Africa in 2007 and we started importing our first products in 2009.


Charl Le Roux


We negotiate far and wide globally to get the best prices for South Africa that we can. This is not always easy, but our dedication to bring these products to South Africa remains very clear and is an important cause for us to be involved in. Some products require professional training and other products can be purchased by anyone interested in supporting a loved one in their care.


Over the years we have developed multiple relationships with amazing professionals and families. We have seen dedicated therapists that will stop at nothing to bring the best out of their clients. We have witnessed clients improve despite the waning hope that surrounded them at first. Therapists in South Africa are well trained to function with ethical standards guiding them, and keen clinical minds that allow them to think out of the box. It has been quite a journey to watch these therapies grow and thrive in South Africa.


Maude continues to train in South Africa twice every year delivering a variety of workshops that suits multiple different needs. We also initiated an online academy that could provide different opportunities of learning. We are always trying to think of better ways to bring training to South Africa and to ensure that what is available elsewhere in the world, will also be available in South Africa. We are proud to having been trained in South Africa, learning more in the USA and globally, and continuing to bring back the knowledge to South Africa. It has been an ongoing project since 2007 and we host courses / workshops for professionals as well as parents.