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Cognitive training supports:
  • Children and adults with reading and learning difficulties
  • Visual efficiency (including ocular motor) and visual processing skills
  • The timing between auditory and visual systems to improve decoding speed
  • Improve working memory needed for decoding, comprehension and executive
    functioning skills.
  • Contrast sensitivity in vision to support the reading processs
Reading therapy program supports:
  • The bridge between neural efficiency and reading process
  • Overlap between reading and spelling skills
  • Overlap between reading and writing skills
  • Bridging reading decoding and comprehension as one process
A therapeutic intervention considered as neuro-education, allowing the teacher/ tutor to have a “ready” brain in order to learn.
Brain-based supplement that supports any other educational reading curriculum causing no conflict, only support
Has been designed for children above the age of 6 (age of 5 pending), though also quite successfully used with adults.
Supports different diagnostic categories
  • Being “behind in reading”
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning disorder
  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • When poor working memory and processing speed shows up in IQ scores.
  • Developmental Delay
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
Adults as well
  • Help adults who have struggled with literacy, including spelling
  • Master important life skills that may be holding them back in their career path.
  • Support working memory and attention and ability to multi-task/li>
  • Executive functioning skills.
  • There is no age limit in brain plasticity, everyone has the capacity to improve.


Different options available

  • Combination of center and home-based programming
  • The entire program (phase 1 and 2) completed at home
  • Across state, provincial and country borders


“Only for South Africa”

Special Pricing until December 15, 2019:

  • Each practitioner can trial 2 applications of the full program with 2 clients at $25.00 each client
  • After December 15, a practitioner can sign up for 5 credits (5 client’s phase 1 and 2) each month for a fee of $100 per month. This agreement would be in place for the year 2020
  • Please note this is a significantly reduced rate for South Africa in order to fray the rising rand/dollar exchange.
  • Contact directly to set up your training for the trial period. As this is an
    international program happening electronically, there is no VAT, shipping or import duties added.
  • This program is not available for parents, only for practitioners that qualified through the training.

live training in South Africa