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Music &

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The Program is

30 Minutes

A Day For 40 Days

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WHAT IS Soundsory®?


SOUNDSORY® is a Multisensory Homebased Program.
It is designed to be safe and effective and to help people with

  • Motor delays, balance and coordination
  • Developmental Delay
  • Sensory Processing
  • From age 3+
  • Autism
  • Add / Adhd
  • Seniors
The program consists of specially designed music processed with neuro-acoustic modifications as well as a series of movement-based exercises. The program is 30 minutes a day for 40 days.

How does the Soundsory® work?

The Rhythmic Music Program:

  • Developmental Delay
  • Emphasizes rhythm to activate body movement
  • Electronically processed using a patented dynamic filter to create specific sound contrasts
  • Music delivered through air and bone conduction to deliver a unique
  • stimulation of both the auditory and vestibular systems
  • The rhythmic music is derived from several sources: Bach, Hayden, Strauss, Marches, Children’s songs, Gospel, Jazz, Latin music.
  • 9 tracks in total with each song lasting long enough for the brain to get used to the rhythm but still short enough to avoid habituation
  • Each day is organized so that specific tempos change several times in order to challenge the brain, influencing brain plasticity.

Body Movement Exercises:

A 5-minute exercises program follows the 25 minutes of music. The body is foundational for learning and doing these exercises right after the stimulation enhances the registration of information to support attentive and learning processes.

  • Exercises are available on the website
  • Easy to adapt to meet the individual needs of your child or client
  • Designed to focus on 3 different aspects:
    • Neural movement patterns
    • Timing and rhythm control
    • Balance and spatial adjustment
    • Inter-hemispheric organization




R 4600.00 each, VAT included , courier fees must be added.

3 x Soundsorys, R4 500.00/unit = R13 500.00, save R100/unit
5 x Soundsorys, R4 450.00/unit = R22 250.00, save R150/unit
10 x Soundsorys, R4 400.00/unit = R44 000.00, save R200/unit

40 days of rhythmical music Online access to 50+ videos Music processed with a patented Dynamic filter system High quality air and bone conduction speakers Button and Screen to easily navigate 9 hours playtime Bluetooth mode to use it as a regular headset







If in stock 3-5 Days Delivery

live training in South Africa

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Feel the vibration
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Help the brain to

develop new connections.
Show it the road.


Images used are stock images to protect the privacy of clients

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Images used are stock images to protect the privacy of clients


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Images used are stock images to protect the privacy of clients


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