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The Tomatis® Method

Improves Motor, Emotional and Cognitive abilities, through Music and Language

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The Tomatis® Method

Relies on an advanced technology and the excellence of its trained professionals on how to use it.

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Has accompanied recent discoveries in neuroscience and participated in many research studies on brain plasticity.

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WHAT IS the Tomatis® Method?


It is an electronic system called the Electronic Ear – TalksUp®. The Electronic Ear has developed into a modernized device with digitalized music and computerized features.

The system exploits and reactivates the strategies involved in perceptive organization and in the management of the sound environment. A very important feature is the gating mechanism between two sound channels. This is based on the sound change between two channels on a double process of perceptive contrast (timbre/intensity). The TalksUp® device consists of an electronic device accompanied by headphones that consists of bone and air conduction.

Tomatis® impacts on:
  • Increased body awareness
  • Awareness of environment
  • Motor planning and motor coordination
  • Listening attentiveness
  • Improved auditory and vestibular processing
  • Improved speech and language outcomes
  • Improved energy
  • Improved emotional experience – both lifts the sprit as well as calm behavior, creating balance


How does the Tomatis® Method work?

There are 3 functions to the ear:
  • The function of balance – The vestibule is a part of the inner ear, which informs the brain of the slightest body movement, it intervenes therefore in the control of posture and the maintenance of balance – our vestibular system.
  • The function of revitalization or cortical charge – The ear is very necessary in causing the cortex to be charged and therefore needs to be stimulated.
  • The function of listening – When this function is disrupted, difficulties in analysis, accommodation, spatialization or auditive lateralization are caused. The person experiences an influx of information, but perceives it in a distorted manner affecting comprehension, as well as impacting verbal expression. The person becomes fatigued, irritable and finally withdraws.
Our brain works in such a way that our selective attention, which allows us to select a sound signal among all the possible ones so that it can be treated, is triggered if two conditions are brought together:
  • The new or unpredictable character of the sound signal
  • An increase in the intensity of this message

The gating mechanism of the Electronic Ear triggers both conditions and this specific mechanism is very unique to the Tomatis® method and not replicated in the same way in any other product. The Tomatis® practitioner is able to specifically adapt each client’s program by changing the gating taking place on each music track processed through the device. This and multiple other features favor the conditions of impacting on the neuroplasticity of the brain, which impacts on the brain for change.


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