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Forbrain®is a user-friendly device that uses bone conduction and a series of dynamic filters to give the user feedback of his/her own voice

In a way that is proposed to optimize all components of the audio-vocal loop thus improving auditory perception. It has been suggested that the device can enhance speech, fluency, memory, focus, coordination and many other sensory functions, resulting in several improvements in the psychological (cognitive) / emotional domain.

Forbrain® capitalizes on self-generated bone conduction to support enhanced:
  • Focus, attention, concentration
  • Reading skills
  • Short-term and working memory
  • Communication skills
  • Social interaction skills
  • Motor (vestibular) production
  • Self-regulation

Forbrain® in action

How does the Forbrain® work?

  • A high sensitivity microphone through which to speak
  • A dynamic filter that responds to the intensity of the user’s voice
  • Dampens low frequencies (from the background) and enhances high frequencies (from the user’s voice, the foreground)
  • A self-listening therapy tool
  • Can be used as a stand-alone tool or in combination with Tomatis Sound Therapy
  • Can be used by a variety of professionals including occupational therapists, speech language therapists, voice coaches, educators, psychologists and more.
  • Parents can purchase for home use during study or reading time, or simply to increase energy to the brain.
  • Excellent tool to use for learning the accent of a new language and practicing the pronunciation of unfamiliar words at different frequency levels.




R4 200.00 each, Prices includes VAT, courier fees must be added.

(The courier fees should not be stipulated, as it differs according to the area.)

3 x Forbrains, R4 100.00/unit = R12 300.00. Save R100.00/unit.
5 x Forbrains, R4 050.00/unit = R20 250.00, save R150.00/unit.
10 x Forbrains, R4 000.00/unit = R40 000.00, save R200.00/unit.

FORBRAIN® is an essential first step on the road to seamless communication, better attention and focus, heightened self-esteem, and personal growth and development.


Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
3 4 R4,020.00
5 9 R3,820.00
10 And more. R3,720.00

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If in stock 3-5 Days Delivery

live training in South Africa


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